Marketing mailer to show possible uses for print, targeting the medical field
I created all the product and promotional sample pieces and helped with the verbiage
as well as the concept and design of the mailer
Promotional direct mail piece created for Intermountain Park City Hospital for an educational event
I also created artwork for a packet of sugar pea seeds
to help generate interest in this successful event for mothers and their children

6-panel direct mail piece created for Peczuh Printing  to show some of the possibilities
for print to promote your business or event
Postcard created for J. Brooks Jewelers to promote a special Leslie Greene Sterling event
Restaurant targeted mailer created for an email blast and printed for sales team use
to show some of the possible uses of print from Peczuh Printing
Mail piece created for Intermountain Park City Hospital's Community Open House
I used the candy heart theme through all of the advertising graphics
Direct mail piece created for Intermountain Park City Medical Center to promote their Community Health Fair and 5th Anniversary Party
I used a gold foil stamp on the treasure chest gold items to make them really pop
Stock art and hand illustrated art was used in combination to create all the treasure 
Postcard designed for the half-yearly sale at Hamilton Park Interiors
I created all the graphics for this piece
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